by Jeffrey Smith

We know that there are two types of people (1) people who like to tinker and delve into settings and tweak things and (2) people who have better things to do that build websites (like running their business) who just want to set it and forget it, which is why we’ve created a series of quick starter files for the SEO Design Framework.

The Quick starter import files save you time by providing a solid foundation that you can build on (by adding your own graphics and content).

The Quick starter series includes dummy content, styled navigation, header and widget areas as well as cool fonts and style settings (so you won’t have to struggle with coding). Just import the files, then go to the section you want to customize and tweak it to your heart’s content.To use a quick starter file just follow the instructions below.


You should have SEO Design Framework Core theme activated in Appearance > Themes and you can follow steps below to get “Quick Start” styles/content setup.

Choose Tools > Import
Then Choose “WordPress”
Install WordPress Importer plugin 
Activate Plugin & Run Importer 
Browse for Quick Start package and choose Quick_Start_1_Content.xml file for import
Follow Instructions and assign content to an existing author or import authors too. 
Check this to allow attachments download
Successful Import Info
Go to Appearance > Menus 
Check “Primary Navigation” and assign it to menu clicking “Save Menu”
Go to Settings > Reading
Assign Front page and Posts (Blog) as follows 
Now we need to import Quick Start Style Settings. Go to SEO Design > Global Settings 
Open “Export/Import/Reset Theme Options” collapsible 
Before this step browse for Quick Start package and open Quick_Start_1_Settings.txt  file for import, select all (control – a) and copy its content to import area on image below and click “Import Theme Options” 
Now you can check website frontend which should be looking like this 
Next and last step should be slider import, if you want to use slider so it’s optional
Choose SEO Design > Slider 
On the right side find “Import Slider” button and click to browse for import file. 
Click “Browse” button
Browse for Quick Start package and choose file for slider import 
Click “Import Slider” 
On sliders list your “Quick Start 1” slider should show up. 
Now it’s time to add slider widget and enable slider on frontend. 
On widgets page locate “SDF Slider” widget on left side, click it, mark “Slider Block” in options below and click “Add Widget”. 
On the right side find you’ll see “Slider Block” expanded and “SDF Slider” inside.Choose your slider in select box inside widget options.
Check “Home Page Only” or choose some other widget display options below and click “Save” at the end. 
Now your website should have a final look of this quick start styling. 

Click here to see this Quick Starter Theme in Theme Preview

That’s it! If you are logged in then you can download quick start settings files here. Otherwise, you can purchase now and gain access to themes like this inside the members area.

About Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith is the founder of SEO Design Solutions the makers of SEO Ultimate (a popular WordPress All-In-One SEO plugin) and the SEO Design Framework (an optimized SEO Framework with Drag and Drop Design and Stylish Skins).

Jeffrey learned SEO and web design out of necessity back in 1995 which helped in successfully launching a thriving global consumer product development firm. Since that time, he's pioneered innovative solutions for WordPress while intently helping individuals and businesses of all sizes increase rankings, revenue and reach.

You can find over 1000 posts written from Jeffrey on all things SEO over at the SEO Design Solutions Blog

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10 thoughts on “Save Time Building Your Next Website with the SDF Quick Starter Series
  1. Linda J says:

    This was very helpful! I could use about a dozen more tutorials on different features!

  2. Adrian B says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Long time no talk. Purchased this to support you guys…. will be using the framework for my next venture… similar as the last one…

  3. john b says:

    Would love to see training like this; View example, show to to create example.

    Starting with the header/menu/logo area
    Then body
    Then widgets
    Then footer.

    I see a lot of what I want to do, but just don’t know how/what to do, as I don’t know what creates what effect/look.

    • Jeffrey Smith says:


      Thank you for commenting. We are putting this together now and when completed we will add to the members area as well as add a blog post and have PDF downloads for each section like this. I believe this warrants a video in the members area in the interim so, I will get on this and let you know when finished.

  4. Andy B says:

    Hi all
    Wordpress importer isn’t working. Are there any alternatives please?

  5. Christopher B says:

    Much of the SDF builder is not playing well with WP4, (the widget tool, the teaser tool, etc). Best just to build your page as normal and accept a slightly less flashy result. And good luck getting any post slider to work with SDF – there is a coding issue that keeps nearly all recent post plugins from working effectively.

    • Jeffrey Smith says:

      Hi Christopher

      New version uploaded to members area for WP 4.0, which includes modifications to the features you mentioned there. Thanks.


    • Jeffrey Smith says:

      There is a 30 minute time limit from logging in on the download link. Log out and log back in and then you can download. Also, please use support email in members area for support. Thanks.

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