by Tony Camero

Structured data (such as rich snippets) has become more and more important as search engines have evolved. This is why we’ve been working on some structured data tools for your SEO Ultimate+, the new premium version of our loved WordPress SEO plugin.

Interestingly enough, Jeffrey stumbled upon this infographic from 2012  that was published on It features SEO Ultimate plugin’s Rich Snippets Creator, which at the time had limited functionality. To that point, we’ve greatly enhanced these functions and added some amazing new features that we’ll release for you shortly.

Kudos to Selena Narayanasamy who originally authored the post on

We realize you need to stay on the cutting-edge of WordPress SEO, which is why we continue to forge tools that solve core SEO problems, and leverage opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

It’s worth spending a few minutes studying this infographic completely, to understand the importance of the semantic web, structured data, rich snippets, markup… today.

We originally built the SEO Ultimate plugin for internal use,  literally to help us perform advanced SEO automation for our high end clients. When we casually released it to the public for free without an expectation, there was never a thought that today we would have over 1.7 million downloads (and counting).

Consider this post a teaser for features that will soon be available in the SEO Ultimate+ premium version of our All-in-One WordPress SEO plugin.

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Tony Camero is the Director of Business Development for SEO Design Solutions, the makers of the SEO Ultimate and the SEO Design Framework. He is an entrepreneur and talented SEO who enjoys solving problems, martial arts, volunteering for local charity, and spending his time with his wife and kids in their hometown of Fairfield, Iowa.

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