by Jeffrey Smith

I’m super excited to share this amazing new feature with you all today. Right now, I feel like a kid in a candy store, but nonetheless, I will try to contain myself.

The idea for this copy to clipboard concept for design blocks hit me like a brick one day and the thought was, why would you to load an entire demo (only to have to delete what you don’t want) if you could just grab a pre-designed page that you need and then tweak it from there.

So, the concept for the Quick Design Short Cut Library was born. So, as you watch this, we’re working on designs that you will be able to copy > then paste into your page > then like the video, just take what you need to a new page and build it the way you like.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress, but, just think…

You get the framework > load it up on a new or existing site > within 15 seconds you can load a skin > then, if you knew that kind of landing page, about page, parallax page, video page, etc. you wanted, you could simply scroll through the design library > grab what you like and easily customize and publish in minutes…

The Copy to Clipboard option for Hero sections or rows was the beginning, the culmination of the pixel perfect designs we intend on building is next 😉

Stay tuned for more exciting design tips, tactics and what’s next from SEO Design Solutions. Feel free to share your thoughts and let us know what you think below.

About Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith is the founder of SEO Design Solutions the makers of SEO Ultimate (a popular WordPress All-In-One SEO plugin) and the SEO Design Framework (an optimized SEO Framework with Drag and Drop Design and Stylish Skins).

Jeffrey learned SEO and web design out of necessity back in 1995 which helped in successfully launching a thriving global consumer product development firm. Since that time, he's pioneered innovative solutions for WordPress while intently helping individuals and businesses of all sizes increase rankings, revenue and reach.

You can find over 1000 posts written from Jeffrey on all things SEO over at the SEO Design Solutions Blog

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