by Jeffrey Smith

Adding video to your content has never been easier than with the SEO Design Framework. Today, we’re going to cover 4 different ways you can use the Framework to add completely responsive videos (or background videos) to your layouts.

Indirectly, we’ll also be covering how to use the page level controls to toggle features on or off as well as how to use unlimited sidebars and implement them using the widgets module by way of the SDF Page Builder.

Stay tuned for more tips, tactics and techniques for all things SEO and how to leverage the pure on page power of the SEO Design Framework.

About Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith is the founder of SEO Design Solutions the makers of SEO Ultimate (a popular WordPress All-In-One SEO plugin) and the SEO Design Framework (an optimized SEO Framework with Drag and Drop Design and Stylish Skins).

Jeffrey learned SEO and web design out of necessity back in 1995 which helped in successfully launching a thriving global consumer product development firm. Since that time, he's pioneered innovative solutions for WordPress while intently helping individuals and businesses of all sizes increase rankings, revenue and reach.

You can find over 1000 posts written from Jeffrey on all things SEO over at the SEO Design Solutions Blog

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