The Evolution of the SEO Design Framework.

The Past


SEO Design Solutions was born. As the business grew to over 40 clients, we needed to make our SEO processes more modular and repeatable. Looking for ways to automate results we selected WordPress as a platform due to its popularity and pliability.


The collaboration between WordPress expert John Lamansky and SEO Design Solutions founder Jeffrey Smith for our corporate SEO website led to the development of 3 SEO WordPress themes that we contributed to the open source community – Happy Landings, SEO Basics and the Small Business SEO Theme. The next step was the creation of SEO Ultimate as an in-house SEO toolbox (based on processes which we’d battle-tested over the years).


In 2009 we grew by building powerful online tools for WordPress to manage our 700+ sites, creating custom themes for clients and sharing insider tips with the SEO community. Our SEO Design Solutions blog was gaining traction as a real resource for advanced SEO knowledge, while our client model was doing well. As a result, we decided to shelve further WordPress theme development.

Years passed and things were good. In a generous gesture (anticipating the benefit of the law of reciprocity) we decided to give away our most coveted WordPress plugin, “SEO Ultimate” for FREE and the rest is history…


Fast forward 3 years and SEO Ultimate achieved over 1.2 million downloads (and climbing) without active promotion aside from using the blog to alert users of new updates. Meanwhile, the idea of remaining an SEO service provider was less appealing for two reasons.

1) Google and other search engines were constantly obfuscating their algorithms and trying to reverse engineer changes was a losing battle (penguin this, panda that, you name it there was a penalty for it) and 2) rather than just help a few people with our service model, by creating software, we could help thousands as a result.

So, we began working on the SEO Design Framework to complement the advanced functionality of SEO Ultimate plugin. The motto that emerged was – “Create Websites that Rank as Great as they Look“, and that became our mission.

We’d also dabbled with the idea of a module for creating websites using silo architecture. Our first effort was limited to adding categories and posts en masse, but eventually we were able to completely rewrite WordPress’s taxonomy to create perfect website silo architecture including pages, sub pages, categories and posts. We consider this an epic achievement since  (to our knowledge) no company has ever built proper website silo architecture functionality into a framework before and offered it to the public.


With thousands of collective hours invested in development, SEO Design Solutions says farewell to clients in order to exclusively focus on the framework. Even though John and Mary have both moved on to pursue other interests, their contributions served as a base for “code conquistador” Aleksandar Djuric to refine and extend the SEO Design Framework.

The Present

 2014-2016 SDF Launches and Rolls Out Updates

SEO Design Solutions is proud to introduce The SEO Design Framework. We threw everything but the kitchen sink into this framework to help webmasters, bloggers, marketers, and business owners build websites that rank as great as they look

The SEO Design Framework was designed from the ground up to provide fine-grained control over every aspect of your design. 

With dozens of powerful features organized into global and page level settings, SDF is one of the most flexible frameworks ever devised. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

  • Custom Header controls (to build the header any way you like on a page by page basis)
  • Individual Page Level Controls (to dial in layouts the way you envision)
  • A Drag and Drop Builder (to save or load as templates and implement the most complex designs with ease)
  • Extensive Widget Controls (to stack widgets, create unlimited sidebars or hide or show widgets on any page)
  • Typography Controls (to dial in everything from line height, fonts and styles)
  • Website Silo Architecture (the only framework with this dynamic SEO feature)

The Future …

Join the SEO Design Framework community today so you can provide feedback, test new features and share suggestions for new releases.

Here’s what we have planned for next quarter:

  • A library of premium market-specific child themes (for $40 or less).
  • A library of setup files (which means you simply import the file and all CSS settings, widgets, Fonts and layouts are complete).
  • The Navigation Pack (dozens of easy to implement navigation styles).
  • A theme of the month club inside membership area
  • Additional Markup for the Semantic Web Microformats/RDFa/Micro Data/Schemas
  • Additional modules for the SDF Page builder
  • A Premium version of SEO Ultimate with enhanced features
  • More updates (since we just can’t stop coding)…
But first, you have to be a member…

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