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Back in the day, a website had to be made using HTML code. One could only imagine how tedious it must have been for web developers to design a decent site. And even when they did, the fact that there was no real support for complex plugins or widgets at the time meant that there was very little else these early websites could accomplish aside from simply displaying information.

Nowadays, you no longer need to contact a professional developer or be in the web design business to be able to create a website. All it really takes to build one is a customizable theme or template. One of the more popular platforms that offer this kind of product is WordPress. A lot of people—beginners and professional developers alike—use WordPress website templates to build their sites. From corporate and portfolio websites all the way to online community pages, WordPress themes can be used to design them all without writing a single line of code.

Are WordPress themes available elsewhere?

Yes, there are a lot of companies that make beautiful and fully functional free and premium WordPress templates aside from WordPress. In fact, we have them too. You can view and even demo our portfolio of stunning, fully responsive themes. They don’t only look great, but they rank as good as they look.

Each theme is designed to help you build your dream website as quickly and painlessly as possible. And there’s also no need to worry about your website getting outdated anytime soon because all our themes are flexible and powerful enough to adapt to ever-changing web design trends.

Can’t decide on which theme to use? You can just get them all by buying our exclusive web design and SEO framework aptly named “SEO Design Framework” or SDF.

The package not only comes with all the themes in our collection, it also includes our powerful SEO tools called “SEO Ultimate” and “Website Silo Builder” to help you not only build a beautiful website, but also drive quality traffic to it.

Keep in mind that promoting your website on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels is not enough when it comes to building an audience because they only allow you to talk to people who are already in your network. A strong SEO strategy is necessary to take your reach to a whole new level.

How much does SDF cost?

As of January 2016, the whole package can be yours for only $67. In terms of bang for buck, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal than that because a single premium WordPress theme can cost over $100. In this case, for just $67, you can easily create a high quality website to showcase whatever content you want in whatever style you want, build solid rankings using powerful SEO tools and learn more about web design and SEO the easy way through video tutorials.

About Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith is the founder of SEO Design Solutions the makers of SEO Ultimate (a popular WordPress All-In-One SEO plugin) and the SEO Design Framework (an optimized SEO Framework with Drag and Drop Design and Stylish Skins).

Jeffrey learned SEO and web design out of necessity back in 1995 which helped in successfully launching a thriving global consumer product development firm. Since that time, he's pioneered innovative solutions for WordPress while intently helping individuals and businesses of all sizes increase rankings, revenue and reach.

You can find over 1000 posts written from Jeffrey on all things SEO over at the SEO Design Solutions Blog

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