I posted to my personal blog about setting the theme of your website using the SEO Design Framework to construct your website silo architecture. It’s not a long post but its pointing out the importance of website siloing in sending the right signals to Google about what you want to rank your website for.

The reason for using website silo architecture is this: no other method can signal theme factors as well as your on page SEO. Good silo architecture does a lot of heavy lifting and can reduce the amount of back-links required to compete by many, many times. One of the best things about the SEO Design Framework is the ability to quickly assemble proper website silo architecture using the built-in Silo Builder.

Check out my post on TonyCamero.com: Set Your Theme on a New Website and find out more about the why and how of website silo architecture on the SEO Design Solutions blog: What is Website Silo Site Architecture?

Until soon,
Tony Camero

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Tony Camero is the Director of Business Development for SEO Design Solutions, the makers of the SEO Ultimate and the SEO Design Framework. He is an entrepreneur and talented SEO who enjoys solving problems, martial arts, volunteering for local charity, and spending his time with his wife and kids in their hometown of Fairfield, Iowa.

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