Access Your Latest Downloads Below

Watch the video above from Jeffrey about the latest downloads.

Download the Latest 6 Unreleased SDF Skins

Download the file > Then unzip or open the skins.txt file (you can also view the preview of the skin in jpeg form) and then load it into Import/Export Reset Theme Area to use them. Includes the previously unreleased SDF skins (I Am Digital, Mogul, Brandable, Storefront, Serious Business and Good Ol' Number 20).

SEO Design Framework

Download the SEO Design Framework .zip using the link to your right, then the additional files. You can watch the getting started video here on how to install the framework.

9 SDF Skins

The SDF + 9 Pack Bundle Download includes: SDF Sociable Skin, SDF Stark Minimalist Skin, SDF Tach-Tech-Al Skin, SDF Rustic Autumn Skin, SDF Throwback Skin, SDF Platinum Skin, SDF Evergreen Skin, SDF Fresh Start Skin SDF Quicksilver Skin.
Simply download the .zip file, unzip the file and inside the folder is (1) an image preview of the SDF Skin and (2) a text file which is the actual SDF Skin. To learn how to upload a skin, please scroll down to watch video or visit - How to Install an SDF Skin

SDF Skins Demo Content XML

1) Download the .zip file. 2) Unzip the file and get the sdfskins-demo-content.xml file inside. 3) Load the XML File using the Tools > Import > on the right side of your WordPress menu options in the dashboard. Follow the instructions like in this post and import the pages, posts, images and data.

SDF User’s Manual PDF

To view product documentation, you can download the SEO Design Framework User Manual PDF here or simply view detailed documentation in the Online help section

SEO Design Framework CHM Help File

Better than a PDF you can download the detailed product documentation for the SEO Design Framework locally and then watch videos and read help documentation at your convenience. Just download the .zip file and double click the SDF Help.chm file. Download the New SEO Design Framework .zip above.

SEO Ultimate pre-configured SEO file

This settings file for the SEO Ultimate plugin will configures optimal SEO best practice settings for the plugin. To use, go to Settings>>> SEO Ultimate >>> Import (This is for first time setup only and will save you 20 minutes of plugin configuration). if you have settings configured already with SEO Ultimate, then please be aware this will override them. After you've unzipped it, you can learn how to install it here.

XML Demo Content

These are the files that contain the pages, posts, portfolio images, media library and examples of the demos you see below.

14 Revised SDF Skins

Download the file > Unzip the file and then access the SDF Skins inside. There is also a screenshot of how the skin looks inside the folder as a preview of the look and feel.

To import XML Demo content into a WordPress site follow these steps:

1. Log in to that site as an administrator.
2. Go to Tools: Import in the WordPress admin panel.
3. Install the “WordPress” importer from the list.
4. Activate & Run Importer.
5. Upload this file using the form provided on that page. 6. You will first be asked to map the authors in this export file to users on the site. For each author, you may choose to map to an existing user on the site or to create a new user.
7. WordPress will then import each of the posts, pages, comments, categories, etc. contained in this file into your site.
8. If the import fails, you can import again. If initial import is fine, then proceed to appearance > menus and under manage locations make sure to select the new menu from the imported file and click save changes.
9. Then, you can then determine the default homepage and / or blog page by going to: Settings > Reading > and selecting the homepage and blog page.

Find the Perfect Theme Below

SDF Skins are preconfigured themes that you can load instantly. Download the 9 SDF Skins .zip or 14 Revised SDF Skins Download Button Above.

Rustic Autumn Skin

Add warmth and contrast to your content with the SDF Rustic Autumn Skin. This skin is perfect for image-rich sites and creates a comforting, yet crisp color palette that you can quickly adjust to suit your needs.

Platinum Skin

Have a great product/service and need a crisp, modern and cool site? Then try the SDF Platinum Skin to make a bold statement with immersive metallic and charcoal tones, featuring a primary color you can easily customize in minutes.

Sociable Skin

Showcase your content with flair and panache with the vibrant color combinations of the SDF Sociable Skin. Your text, images and media will virtually jump off the screen with this exciting new skin. SDF Sociable is sure to be a hit for social media.

Stark Minimalist Skin

When Content Matters! Remove the clutter with the SDF Stark Minimalist Skin. There’s nothing between your reader and your content with this simple elegant skin that you can load instantly (and be up and blogging) in minutes.

Evergreen Skin

Grow your online popularity with style using the SDF Evergreen Skin today. This earthy green skin sprouts hints of charcoal and blue to create a distinguished color combination for your amazing content to flourish.

Tach-Tech-Al Skin

Need a sleek new skin for all things technology? Try the simple, yet crisp SDF Tac-Tech-Al Skin for electronics, product documentation or any website that has colorful images to pop vibrantly against a distinctly soft palette.

Throwback Skin

The SDF Throwback Skin is a monument to websites before wide, expansive layouts made their way into the forefront of design. The skin features a preconfigured boxed layout, black header and you can change the primary color in one click.

Fresh Start Skin

The SDF Fresh Start Skin was the very first SDF Skin. Fresh Start includes large fonts, typography and shadow box effects and a pleasant blue and gray color combination making it ideal as a multipurpose theme.

Quicksilver Skin

The SDF Quicksilver Skin uses shades of black and gray to convey a pervasive sensation of spaciousness to any layout. This skin is ready to go in minutes and you can dial in limitless color combinations to customize everything.

How to Install an SDF Skin