Build Amazing WordPress Theme Templates The Popularity of Templates Gone are the days when you have to use a text editor to write endless lines of code to build a website or blog. A lot of companies today are offering drag-and-drop, what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of online web design tools to help even complete beginners and non-developers easily build fully functional websites without writing a single line of code. At the heart of it all are what people call templates or themes. Simply put, these are pre-made Read More

Getting the Best Value from Custom WordPress Templates What is a custom WordPress template?  Unlike readily available WordPress themes, custom templates are designed from scratch based on a client’s specific requirements. This is practically the same as having a new website or blog built from the ground up. The only difference is that the final product is specially made to run on the WordPress platform. How much does it cost? The amount of money you’d have to shell out to have a custom theme made Read More

WordPress Website Templates Back in the day, a website had to be made using HTML code. One could only imagine how tedious it must have been for web developers to design a decent site. And even when they did, the fact that there was no real support for complex plugins or widgets at the time meant that there was very little else these early websites could accomplish aside from simply displaying information. Nowadays, you no longer need to contact a professional developer or be in Read More