Structured data (such as rich snippets) has become more and more important as search engines have evolved. This is why we’ve been working on some structured data tools for your SEO Ultimate+, the new premium version of our loved WordPress SEO plugin. Interestingly enough, Jeffrey stumbled upon this infographic from 2012  that was published on It features SEO Ultimate plugin’s Rich Snippets Creator, which at the time had limited functionality. To that point, we’ve greatly enhanced these functions and added some amazing new features Read More

I posted to my personal blog about setting the theme of your website using the SEO Design Framework to construct your website silo architecture. It’s not a long post but its pointing out the importance of website siloing in sending the right signals to Google about what you want to rank your website for. The reason for using website silo architecture is this: no other method can signal theme factors as well as your on page SEO. Good silo architecture does a lot of heavy Read More