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How to Use the Text, Image and Headline Modules

SDF Page Builder First Three Modules:
In the video below we'll cover how the SDF Page Builder works and demonstrate how to use the first three design modules which are the Text Module, Headline Module and Image Module.
The Text Module is like the normal WordPress Editor, except it makes all text responsive based on the column options. The Image Module allows you to add responsive images and apply effects such as entrance animations to images inside layouts and the Headline Module is a stand-alone module that you can use in tandem with images, text, video or any other module.
In the video above you will learn:
1. How to create a row or hero section and adjust the column width and layout. *Section starts at :52 seconds in.
2. How to configure background image, video, or parallax options for a Hero Section. *Section starts at 2:24 in.
3. How to use the Text Module including sub settings. *Section starts at 4:47 in.
4. How to use the Headline Module. *Section starts at 8:25 in.
5. How to use the Image Module including sub settings. *Section starts at 10:58 in.
6. How to resize column areas and clone modules and drag elements from one column to another. *Section starts at 14:32 in.
Please contact support from inside the members area if you have additional questions on how to use these modules inside the SDF Page Builder.
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