SDF for Marketers & Affiliates

We’ve developed a series of video tutorials and checklists for marketers to help you understand how the SEO Design Framework can help you save time, monetize your traffic, and build better websites.

In these tutorials you’ll learn how to use:

  • Lightbox for Opt-ins (Timed or Link Triggered)
  • Shortcode Generator (to Add Scripts and 3rd Party Plugins)
  • Powerful Widgets (Display Widgets, Unlimited Sidebars)
  • Website Silo Architecture (and Why You Should Use It)
  • Optimized SEO Markup (Link Masking, Rich Snippets)

Faster Deployment, Better Monetization, Less Work.

Whether you want more ____, less _____ or _______ the these tutorials will _____. You’ll get insights into _________ that will enable you to __________ right away.
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SEO Design Framework Delivers on the Promise

If you’re anything like us, you’re always testing, tweaking and looking for ways to reduce costs and speed up production. You also know that using dozens of plugins or themes and crossing your fingers and hoping they work is no way to scale your business. Let’s face it, you’re not a designer, you’re a marketer, so you need to be able to produce beautiful websites that covert and are SEO optimized quickly and easily.

You’ve got challenges, and guess what, so did we, until our clients paid us handsomely to develop solutions like these to grow their business.

What’s more, for your search engine optimization we’ve replaced dozens of plugins to incorporate the most advanced SEO functionality right into the framework… and we’re not talking about what used to work, but what works now, and in 2015, and beyond.

What’s more, with the SEO Design Framework you’re going to get access to our most coveted SEO resources, training, and tactics to help your website and brand take the spotlight.

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