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How to Use the SDF Slider (Slider Revolution).
The SDF Slider is a third party slider called Slider Revolution. Click the link to view thorough documentation for the slider. However to implement in the SDF environment please adhere to the following:
1) Under SEO Design > Header > Header Structure > there is a Slider Block. Use the slider block to position where the slider will appear in the header order on the live site. You can also resize the Slider Block (using the + or - icons in the dark gray region) to make it wider or narrower to accommodate your design preference.
2) Once you have determined where you want the slider to appear, proceed to Appearance > Widgets > and use the Slider Block Widget to administer how the widget appears on the frontend and create your sliders in SEO Design > Slider >.

If you want to use the slider shortcodes as an alternative for placement, you are welcome to do so. Please keep in mind however if you are going to use the SDF Page Builder, then you will either want to use the Text Module (text tab vs. visual) just like a WP editor or use the raw HTML module instead.
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